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You’ve had a serious loss, and you’re feeling a bit lost yourself. And you need some help, whether to cope with a death of someone you love or know, or with a deep disruption in your life or to your future.

Grieving is natural and necessary, but there’s no one way to deal with loss. Certainly, there’s no “correct” way, since everybody is different.

Stanford offers assistance and resources to help you and your community navigate this difficult time and find your way to healing and peace.

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How to Get Help

Grief is personal, yet it also can involve your family, friends, and neighbors. For some, connection and counseling can be invaluable. For others, a different path might work better.  No one has the single key, but we do have experienced people and personalized guidance available for you.


Memorial Services

When our community loses a valued member, the Office for Religious & Spiritual Life is available to lead memorial services. We can help you plan and officiate a memorial service on campus.

Vigils on Campus

Memorial vigils or similar events can be a way for students to remember those they have lost, share their grieving as a community, and provide a sense of closure and a way forward.  Stanford can help you plan and carry out a vigil that can meet your goals.